• Image of p@ss™ Mark II Password Generator/Recall Key Fob

p@ss™: Forget Your Passwords.

Generate strong, secure and unique passwords for each of your online accounts.

New & Improved! (Ominous Edition)

Just dial in and recall your password

User Manual

The original p@ss™ was such a success we are nearly sold out! So why not make it even better, based on your feedback?

  • Higher contrast, white-on-black design
  • Larger, durable etched lettering
  • Smoother-spinning symbol wheels
  • Tough anodized steel in Ominous Browngrey™
  • 'Wing' grips on cap and end for easier opening of cylinder
  • 8 new symbol sets!
  • 0, 1 or 2 dots between symbols for more advanced 'dial in' rules! (or for fun secret codes, not just password recall :p)
  • Increased blast radius! (KIDDING. It's just a keychain.. sheesh.[1])

What is it?

The p@ss™ Mark II key fob lets you generate hard to guess, unique passwords for each of your online accounts.. and you won't have to remember any of them! Just 'dial in' using one simple rule, and you can recall every password on demand. If one of the many websites or companies you deal with gets hacked, their passwords will be useless for any of your other accounts. Your email and banking accounts will be safe since you'll have a semi-random, unique password for every site you use, which have no clear relation to each other.
Why did you make it?

My wife and her friend both had their email accounts hacked not once, but twice, within a month of each other.
Friends and co-workers complain all the time about how difficult it is to manage all of their accounts.
IT departments jump through hoops to try and force employees to make good passwords.
I'm a tech guy and even I can't keep track of all my passwords.

The p@ss™ is the solution to all that.

Everyone I knew had given up on good password security: choosing just one or two simple passwords, or very minor variants, and using them across all of their accounts. Most people have over 26 accounts, but 5 or fewer different passwords[2].

There had to be a better way to make secure passwords that anyone can use.

Then I realized the solution is not to remember passwords at all.
What makes it special?

The p@ss™ key chain fob is the low-tech, simple to use, always on-hand solution for making hard to guess -- but easy to recall -- passwords, for all your online web accounts and personal electronic devices.

The p@ss™ is made of high-quality stainless steel with etched lettering for high durability. The hollow cylinder can also hold pills or important contact information -- handy if you ever misplace it or your keys!

And, most importantly: it makes you look like a super-spy when you fiddle with it while in line at the supermarket, or when stuck in boring meetings. :p

Q: What if I lose my p@ss™?

A: Included with the unit is a sheet with the complete symbol set of your fob, to be placed in safe storage. If you lose your product you can refer to the note in an emergency. Also included is a contact form you should fill in with your information and leave rolled up inside the fob cylinder so someone can return your keys & fob to you should you ever lose them.

Q: Won't other people have the same rings and thus create the same passwords if they log into the same sites I do?

A: The new Mark II production run uses 8 new symbol wheels, so there is a chance[3] you'll get the exact same 4 wheels, in the same order, as someone else's unit, but that's not the main security of this product.

That part is up to you: the 'dial in' rule. Included in the documentation are a few example rules you can choose to 'dial in' your passwords, based on the website, company or account into which you authenticate. Use your imagination and come up with your own simple and unique rule!

You can unscrew the chain and re-order the included rings however you like. However, the security of your 'dial in' rule is the most important thing: good password security isn't just something only you have, but also something only you know.

Q: Why not use an electronic password wallet?

A: Well, sure.. why not? If you thought of this question, that might be a perfectly fine solution for you.

But... what if your smartphone's battery dies? Or you can't get to the PC where you store your e-wallet? Did you back up your e-wallet? Is it up to date? What if you just don't 'get' those new-fangled teleo-smart-phone thingies (like certain people we all know... Hi Mom & Dad!)? Besides, an e-wallet can't hold your heart pills, or a note directing someone to return your lost keys to you. :)


(L,W,H): 3.4cm x 2.1cm x 2.1cm (without retainer loop)

Weight: 65g (2.2 oz)

Lettering: (H,W): 1.5-2mm x 2mm

Important Note**

Those with hyperopia, presbyopia or other accomodative vision problems may find it difficult to use this product without corrective lenses. Please be aware of the product dimensions stated above before deciding if this product is right for you. I would make it larger if I could, but it needs to fit in your pocket with your keys! :)

[1] Ability to open gateways to other planes of existence under certain configurations has not been confirmed

[2] Daily Mail UK Story: No wonder hackers have it easy: Most of us now have 26 different online accounts - but only five passwords

[3] Each unit gets a unique pick of 4 out of the 8 wheels produced -- making the chances of you having the same wheels, in the same order as another user, 1 in 70 ('8 choose 4', or 8!/(4!(8-4)!). Remember you can re-order the wheels you get any way you want.