• Image of C@RD™ Mark II (Credential @ccess Recall Device)


NOTE: I am away until Sat. March 17, 2018 - orders placed before then may be delayed by up to a week. Thanks for your patience. -Russ >:)

C@RD™ mkII secure password generator/recall device

User Manual

The C@RD™ is keyed to user by serial number, email address or ID. Use it to generate unique per-site and per-account passwords for all online activity. Every one is absolutely unique.

For corporate settings, order a run of unique serial #s or employee IDs and solve your staff's forgotten password problems for good!

Stay off of the
10,000 worst passwords list!

How Does It Work?

Each C@RD™ is generated on-demand at time of order with your personal email address, ID number or other identifier; or with a unique, pre-generated serial number. Using one simple rule and your own unique C@RD™, you can generate a different strong password for every home and work account. It is that simple, really!

Each C@RD™ has a unique table, with each column containing at least one uppercase and lowercase letter, digit and symbol. This, combined with your secret rule, provides unpredictable passwords which are unique to you, and will satisfy the most restrictive password policies used today.

C@RD™ can be used in other ways, for you to discover; perhaps not so simple... ;)

  • Cards are unique, keyed by serial #, email or other ID
  • Each column contains at least one upper- and lower-case letter, digit and symbol to satisfy the most restrictive IT password policies
  • Durable CR80 card, exactly the same size as a credit card, resists rough handling
  • Water-proof
  • Scratch-resistant
  • The same size as a credit card - fits in your wallet or pocket
  • Unique artwork, algorithmically-generated depending on card key -- each one is distinctive!

For a more technical discussion, please read this document.

Contents: One (1) durable CR80 printed card, keyed with either a unique serial number, or your email address (please specify by choosing the proper item below)