• Image of RiNGminder™ MkII Password/Crypto Rings

You can't forget what you never had to remember!

NOTE: I am away until Sat. March 17, 2018 - orders placed before then may be delayed by up to a week. Thanks for your patience. -Russ >:)

Ain't they pretty?

User Manual

Taking durability and style to the next level, these 2nd-gen password generator/recall rings are made from high-quality stainless steel, with symbols engraved to 0.2mm for extra scratch resistance and toughness.

They also feature a new random 1-2 dot column which can be used in your password or code scheme for extra security.

Purchase a matched pair so you can have fun exchanging secret messages with another person, or a non-matched pair to use purely for password generation/recall, as with the original RiNGminder.

The RiNGminder™ lets you generate hard to guess, unique passwords for each of your online activities -- for example, if eBay gets hacked and their password database is stolen, your email and banking accounts will be safe since you'll have a semi-random, unique password for every site you use which have no relation to each other.. and you won't have to remember every one!

Fashionable and easy to use..

The RiNGminder™is the low-tech, simple to use, no batteries required, always on-hand solution for making hard to guess -- but easy to recall -- passwords,  for all your online web accounts and personal electronic devices. They're also fun and fashionable accessories for your fingers! They are shiny and make you look like a super-spy. I twirl mine a lot during meetings or while waiting in line for groceries :)